Name: Iron
Price: 10.00 7.50

Rank: Iron

This package will permanently credit you with the Iron Rank on Survival. Help support the server and receive some goodies in return! This rank bundles a unique set of abilities, perks, kits and other great features on the server.

The following list provides full information on the contents of this rank:


  • Fly: The ability to fly around on the Spawn.
  • Hat: The ability to wear a block on your Head
  • Join full server: Join the server when it's full
  • TP Toggle: Use /tptoggle to turn teleport requests on or off
  • Mobile Workbench: Use /craft to open a bench
  • Back: Return to your previous location
  • Link items to chat: Type [ITEM] in a chat message to show an item
  • More Auctions: Add up to 8 items to the auction
  • Kits: Receive access to the Iron Kit
  • Tags: You get the [Donator] tag
  • Afk: Ability to AFK without being kicked
  • Discord Rank: Get the Iron rank on Discord!
  • Backpack: Your backpack increases to 18 slots

One Time Rewards:

  • Cash: Receive +$100,000 cash for Survival
  • Rare Keys: Receive 1x Rare Keys to use with /warp crates
  • Claim Blocks: Receive 500 Block Claims

Kit Details:

  • Diamond Gear: Protection 1, Fire Protection 1, Unbreaking 1
  • Diamond Sword: Sharpness 1, Fire Aspect 1, Unbreaking 1
  • Diamond Pickaxe: Efficiency 1, Fortune 1, Unbreaking 1
  • Diamond Axe: Efficiency 1, Fortune 1, Unbreaking 1
  • Diamond Shovel: Efficiency 1, Fortune 1, Unbreaking 1
  • Diamond Hoe: Efficiency 1, Fortune 1, Unbreaking 1
  • Bow: Power 1, Flame 1, Unbreaking 3
  • Food: 8x Cooked Porkchop, 8x Cooked Beef, 2x Golden Apple
  • Other: 64x Arrow, 32x Iron Ingots, 32x Coal, Hopper